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Our 10-Point Checklist

How do I know if a Waldorf education is right for my child? Use our 10-point checklist to help you decide.

Are you seeking…

  • A school that considers education a journey not a race?
  • An education for your child that integrates art music and movement into a classical academic education?
  • An education that deeply respects children?
  • An education that reinforces your child’s connection with nature?
  • An education that nurtures an enthusiasm for learning?
  • An education that motivates children intrinsically?
  • An education that nourishes the spirit of the child?
  • An education that provides active and creative learning?
  • An education that fosters healthy social development and community building?
  • A school that challenges the whole child?

Come and see why Waldorf is the fastest growing independent educational movement worldwide.

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