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CWS Planned Giving

The Cincinnati Waldorf School offers many opportunities for the community to become involved through financial support.

Current Gifts

Gifts that can be used promptly to meet operational and special short term needs

  1. The Children’s Campaign – The annual campaign
    The Children’s Campaign is the only request for significant financial contributions. Funds go to close the intentional gap between tuition and operating costs (tuition is held down to facilitate the desired economic diversity in families). We are not successful as a school without a successful Children’s Campaign.
    Contributions can be in the form of cash, securities (particularly appreciated securities), one-time or a series of credit card payments or tangible personal property.
  2. The CWS Gala – A celebratory event with auctions
    Funds from the Gala – tickets and any purchases in the auctions – also go to ensure that we can offer the full Waldorf curriculum. This is a wonderful evening that provides the chance to socialize with great people in a celebratory environment – and purchase a wide range of interesting products and services if you desire.
    In addition to purchases you can support CWS through corporate sponsorships or the contribution of products or services to the auctions.
  3. Parent Association Projects – Sales of items we would buy somewhere – why not CWS?
    The Parent Association offers magazines, wreaths, SCRIP cards, and a number of other products – things we would buy anyway. The majority of funds raised go to Faculty professional development with the remaining funds used to support various CWS functions.
  4. Charitable Lead Trusts
    You can establish a trust for a set number of years during which the income from the trust goes to support CWS. At the end of the designated term of the trust the principle reverts to you or your heirs. There is no tax consequence for appreciation during the period of the charitable distributions.
  5. Gifts of Real Estate or Tangible Personal Property. These types of gifts allow you to preserve cash assets and make a significant gift with favorable tax benefits.
  6. Brokered Sale of an Insurance Policy. You can sell, through a specialty broker, a paid up insurance policy for a large percentage of the death benefit. All or part of those proceeds can be donated to CWS for which you receive the tax benefit.

Deferred Gifts

A planned contribution that you arrange now, but won’t benefit CWS until later.

  1. Bequests. You can leave designated assets to CWS in your will and receive an estate tax deduction.
  2. Life Insurance. You can name CWS as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy. This is an excellent way to make a large gift.
  3. Life Estate Agreement. You can make an irrevocable gift of a home to CWS, which transfers to CWS only upon your death. This can mean a sizable gift to CWS and a tax benefit to your estate.

See the Planned Giving Matrix to compare plans, and learn more about each plan.

Professional Advice & Working with CWS

Cincinnati Waldorf School does not provide tax or legal advice. For all matters concerning estate planning, please consult with your estate and tax advisors. We are happy to work with you and your advisors to facilitate your gift giving.

To discuss any type of gift, please contact our Development Director, Kirsten Roberts, by phone: 513.541.0220. ext. 202 or via email.

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