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Emergency Transportation Form

2016-17 Cincinnati Waldorf School Form 1
Rule 5101:2-12-49, 2-13-48, and 2-14-19 of the Ohio Administrative code requires certified Child Day Care Centers to secure parental permission to transport a child in an emergency before the child begins attending the facility. This form must be updated yearly thereafter.
  • This is the name of the local school your child would be attending if not enrolled at CWS.
  • My electronic signature above gives the Cincinnati Waldorf School permission to transport my child to the nearest hospital for emergency medical treatment or to the above listed dentist for emergency dental care.
  • Complete this section only if you did NOT sign for Permission to Transport above. Please list the actions you wish the school to take instead in case of an emergency and sign below.
  • My electronic signature above indicates that I do NOT give the Cincinnati Waldorf School permission to transport my child for emergency medical or dental treatment. I have also indicated the actions I do wish the school to take in case of emergency.

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