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The Class Teachers

Waldorf education recognizes that the second seven years of a child’s life requires a relationship to someone who has their confidence and gives continuity to their lives – an authority with whom the children can build a base of trust and respect. In addition to the value of providing a stable teacher-child relationship, less time is spent adjusting to a new classroom situation each year.

The class teacher, therefore, accompanies the same class of children through the elementary years, teaching all the main subjects. For the teacher, this allows time to know the children more deeply and help them develop academically and as individuals. With this continuity students also form wonderful bonds with their classmates, allowing for a significant social education. The classroom becomes a microcosm of the larger macrocosm of society.

Vivian Melody

Grade One


Jodi Harris

Grade Two


Connie Davis

Grade Three


Kate Reidel

Grade Four


Sonya Warren

Grade Five



Jordan Hammans

Grade Six


Neal Kennerk

Grade Seven


Lori Kran

Grade Eight


Courtney Burgtorf

Grade School Assistant


Jan Hermans

Grade School Assistant


Jennifer Kennerk

Grade School Assistant