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Parent involvement has always been extremely important at CWS and is critical to the success of educating children and to the vitality of the school. The Parent Association (PA) of CWS is a school-wide organization of parents, alumni parents, faculty, administrators and supporters who strive to support the work of the school.

Divided into a number of committees, the PA assumes much responsibility and provides leadership important to building community, supporting new families, planning school events (e.g. festivals, open houses), fundraising and helping with classroom activities. Class representatives serve as liaisons for their respective classes, teachers, and the PA. Regular PA meetings are open to all parents, faculty, Board members, administrators and the general community. The PA continues to develop a healthy, inclusive and vital CWS community.


The members of the Cincinnati Waldorf School Parent Association (PA) work with the CWS Faculty, Board of Trustees, Leadership Council and Administrative Team to facilitate parent involvement in developing a healthy, inclusive, vital community. The CWS PA creates programs and events with the surrounding Cincinnati community to better enhance Waldorf education, community life and public relations.


The PA organization is made up of members serving in a variety of capacities. A team of parent leaders oversees successful functioning of the association. Members may serve as committee chairs, committee members, or simply as members at large.

The PA relies on class-based leadership for successful execution of CWS events. With this structure, each class is assigned specific tasks to support CWS events, and class representatives are responsible for communicating and coordinating these tasks. This allows for an efficient organization with many hands making light work. It also exhibits the importance of community service to our students while deepening community relationships.

An executive Parent Association member will be a liaison to the CWS Board of Trustees and the Leadership Council, providing a two-way channel of communication between these groups and the greater CWS community.

All PA-sponsored operations, functions, activities and fundraisers will be brought before the PA for discussion after prior approval by the PA Executive Committee.

Parent Association By-laws – Revised August 2012


The CWS Parent Association holds multiple fundraising events every year along with the fundraising through Amazon, Kroger, and Scrip. The money raised on behalf of the PA is used for many things throughout the school.


There are many committees of which parents can be a part, depending on their individual skills and interests. PA members create programs and events with the surrounding Cincinnati community that convey the spirit of Waldorf education, enhancing community life and public relations for CWS. Described below are the various committees.

Faculty Appreciation Committee

Organizes and supervises the annual Faculty Appreciation Day. The committee may choose to create programs beyond this event with approval from the PA and the CWS Administrative Team.

Festivals Committee

Organizes and supervises school-wide festivals (i.e. Holiday Faire and May Faire) and serves as liaison between faculty, administration, classes and the PA.

Welcome Committee

Organizes and supervises hospitality activities for new families transitioning into the CWS community. The Welcome Coordinator works closely with the Enrollment Director, as well as the Hospitality and Volunteer Coordinators.

Community Hospitality Committee

Organizes and supervises all hospitality activities and assists other PA coordinators, chairs and the greater CWS community with various CWS events that require food, beverages and/or decorations. The Hospitality Coordinator supervises the collection, storage and maintenance of all hospitality items.

Volunteer Coordination Committee

Recruits community members to fill various volunteer needs at all CWS events. The Volunteer Coordinator will work closely with the Administrative Assistant, who keeps an updated database of parents and their volunteer interests.

Fundraising Committee

Creates and executes various fundraisers throughout the school year to support the needs of the school. This Committee will coordinate the SCRIP sales program and may identify other fundraising opportunities to be approved by the PA and Administrative Team.

Executive Committee

Three or more Executive members are selected each year to lead the Parent Association. This tri-lead format represents leadership through head, heart, and hands. (See PA Bylaws)


Warm Hearth Guild

Our warm lunch program began with the PA and a few parents who felt committed to bringing warm healthy lunch options to our children. It has since grown into a healthy program that is currently offering hot home-made lunches four days a week to the students. If you have an interest in volunteering for the Warm Hearth Guild please contact Jocelyn DosAngos or Tracy Hendricks.

Craft Guild

Come join other parents each Tuesday morning after drop-off in the community room to learn and practice handwork and crafting! No experience required! All of the projects created by the Craft Guild are used or at one of the school festivals or put up in the school as artwork.