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Tuition and Fees

Tuition can be paid in full or in semi-annual or monthly installments. We also offer sibling discounts and a tuition assistance program.

Sibling Discount: Families with more than one child enrolled receive a discount on the younger child’s tuition. The second child enrolled receives a 10% discount; the third child receives a 20% discount; the fourth (and greater) child receives a 30% discount.

Tuition Assistance: Available Tuition Assistance money varies each year, and is awarded in late spring for the coming school year. Families may apply online at the FACTS Grant & Aid website. Our policy limits the amount awarded to 50% of a family’s tuition.

We also accept Ohio Ed Choice scholarships.

Tuition Schedule for 2017-18*

Preschool 5 Day              $7,705
Preschool 3 Day              $6,285
Preschool 2 Day              $4,300
Kindergarten 5 Day       $7,705
Kindergarten 3 Day       $6,285

Grade One             $11,675
Grade Two             $11,675
Grade Three          $11,375
Grade Four            $12,245
Grade Five             $12,245
Grade Six               $12,245
Grade Seven          $12,245
Grade Eight           $12,245

After Care Program
Early Care from Noon to 3:00: $21/day with contract, no drop-ins permitted at this time
Late Care from 3:00 to 6:00: $21/day with contract, $25/day drop-in
4pm pick-up: $10/day
Sibling Discount: 10%

*Click here for 2018-19 Tuition Schedule

All families enrolled in the Cincinnati Waldorf School are required to use the FACTS Tuition Payment Program to pay tuition and/or student fees through automatic bank withdrawal unless they choose to pay tuition and/or fees in full by June 1st. There is an annual FACTS processing fee of $50 which is paid directly to CWS.

The process is simple; families new to FACTS automatic bank withdrawal must complete an online payment agreement through FACTS e-Cashier.  Families who have previously used FACTS automatic bank withdrawal will automatically be renewed by the Business Office. The deadline to complete the online payment agreement for monthly or semi-annual payments is May 1st.


Grade School Student Fees

Student fees provide the Cincinnati Waldorf School faculty the ability to plan class experiences both inside and outside the classroom based on a fixed, secure fund per student.  Class trips include such field experiences as theater productions, Pentathlon, Medieval Games, Renaissance trip, canoe trip, ropes courses, climbing trip, camping, farm block experience, pumpkin patch, etc. Parents will not be asked for additional fees throughout the school year to cover class experiences, including field trips, with the exception of the Grade 8 Class Trip.

Remaining fees necessary for the Grade 8 Trip will be earned by each individual family with the hope that a family will encourage their student to earn the remaining amount via home & community service (i.e. child care services, home chores, summer work, etc.). The remaining fees necessary will be determined by the end of Grade 7.

Grade School Student Fees for 2016-2017
Grade One: $50
Grade Two: $100
Grade Three: $200
Grade Four: $250
Grade Five: $300
Grade Six: $350
Grade Seven: $350
Grade Eight:  $350

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