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This list originally came from Waldorf Answers, last updated in 1996. Non-working links have been removed. If you find a bad link, or have a resource you would like to see added to the list, please let the CWS Webmaster know.

Waldorf School Associations in English speaking countries
Association of Waldorf Schools in North America (AWSNA)
Association of Steiner Waldorf Schools in the UK and Ireland
Rudolf Steiner Schools of Australia, an Association
Southern African Federation of Waldorf Schools
Waldorf School Association of Ontario

Other Waldorf School Associations and School Directories
European Council of Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE)
Austrian Association of Waldorf Schools (Österreichische Vereinigung freier Bildungsstätten)
Danish Association of Waldorf Schools (Sammenslutningen af Rudolf Steiner Skoler i Danmark)
German Association of Waldorf Schools (Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen)
Italian Association of Waldorf Schools (Federazione delle Scuole Rudolf Steiner in Italia)
Netherlands Association of Waldorf Schools (Bond van Vrije Scholen)
Norwegian Association of Waldorf Schools (Steinerskolene i Norge)
Rudolf Steiner Schools in Australia
Swedish Association of Waldorf Schools (Svenska Waldorfskolefederationen)
Waldorf Education Directory for Latin America

General Waldorf resources
Frequently Asked Questions (Richmond Waldorf School)
Research Institute for Waldorf Education
Americans for Waldorf Education (AWE)
Bob and Nancy’s Services
Waldorf World
Waldorf Library
Waldorf Answers
Millennial Child

Waldorf home schooling resources
Waldorf Homeschoolers
Millennial Child Homeschool Resources
- More Homeschool Resources
Christopherus Homeschool Resources
Waldorf Without Walls
Oak Meadow
Live Education!
Waldorf-inspired homeschooling Mother to Mother
Shining Star School (home school cooperative)
Therapeutic Homeschooling (children with bipolar)

Other Waldorf resources
Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America
Waldorf and Waldorf related mailing lists

Literature on Waldorf education (U.S.)
Floris Books (U.K.)
Michaelmas Press (U.S.)
SteinerBooks (U.S.) (See sections on Waldorf education)
Rudolf Steiner’s complete Foundations of Waldorf Education
Online for free download

Articles on Waldorf education
Schooling the Imagination by Todd Oppenheimer

Waldorf related resources
- Alliance for Childhood (U.S.)
Alliance for Childhood (U.K.)
Camphill Association of America
Eurythmy Spring Valley
Famous ex-Waldorf Pupils
Rudolf Steiner Foundation
Rudolf Steiner Archive
The Hiram Trust
Mercurius Waldorf school supplies
The WaldorfShop Network
Waldorf Toys
Waldorf House Exchange
On Philosophy of Science, Goetheanism,
Waldorf education and anthroposophy

Waldorf student networks
The Network M – online network for Waldorf alumni and teachers
WaldorfWide – house and student exchange
Generex – student exchange

Waldorf schools with home pages in North America

The Rudolf Steiner School – High School, New York
(the first Waldorf school in the U.S., opened in 1928)
The Redmont School, Alabama
The Aurora Waldorf school of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska
The Desert Marigold, Phoenix, Arizona
The Desert Star Community School, Sedona, Arizona
The Enchanted Desert School, Tuscon, Arizona
The Camelia Waldorf School, Sacramento, California
The Cedar Springs Waldorf School, Placerville, California
The Davis Waldorf School, California
The East Bay Waldorf School – High School,
El Sobrante, California
The Highland Hall Waldorf School – High School,
Northridge, California
The Live Oak Waldorf School, Meadow Vista, California
The Marin Waldorf School, San Rafael, California
The Monterey Bay Charter School, California
The Pasadena Waldorf School, Altadena, California
The Sacramento Waldorf School – High School,
Fair Oaks, California
The San Francisco Waldorf School – High School, California
The Santa Cruz Waldorf School, California
The Sierra Waldorf School, Jamestown, California
The Summerfield Waldorf School – High School,
Santa Rosa, California
The Valley Waldorf City School of Los Angeles, California
The Waldorf School of San Diego, California
The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara, California
The Waldorf School of Orange County, California
The Waldorf School of the Peninsula, Los Altos, California
The Westside Waldorf School, Santa Monica, California
The Denver Waldorf School – High School, Colorado
The River Song Waldorf School, Fort Collins, Colorado
The Shepherd Valley Waldorf School, Niwot, Colorado
The Shining Mountain Waldorf School – High School,
Boulder, Colorado
The Tara Performing Arts High School – Boulder, Colorado
The Housatonic Valley School, Newtown, Connecticut
The Apple Blossom School and Family Center, Wilton, Connecticut
The Linden Hill School, Wilton, Connecticut
The Suncoast Waldorf School, Clearwater, Florida
The Waldorf School of Atlanta, Georgia
The Honolulu Waldorf School, Honolulu, Hawaii
The Malamalama Waldorf School, Keaau, Hawaii
The Kona Pacific School, Kealakekua, Hawaii
The Haleakala Waldorf School, Kula, Hawaii
The Sandpoint Waldorf School, Idaho
The Chicago Waldorf School – High School, Illinois
The Prairie Moon School, Lawrence, Kansas
The Waldorf School of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky
The Tidewater School, Elliot, Maine
The Waldorf School of Baltimore, Maryland
The Washington Waldorf School – High School, Maryland
The Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay, Belmont, Massachusetts
The Cape Ann Waldorf School, Beverly Farms, Massachusetts
The Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School, Massachusetts
The Hartsbrook School, Hadley, Massachusetts
The Waldorf School in Lexington, Massachusetts
The Waldorf School of Cape Cod, Bourne, Massachusetts
The Detroit Waldorf School, Michigan
The Minnesota Waldorf School, Maplewood, Minnesota
The Twin Cities Area Waldorf Schools, Minnesota
The Watershed High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Shining Rivers School, St. Louis, Missouri
The Glacier Lifelong Learning Center, Kalispell, Montana
The High Mowing School – High School, Wilton, New Hampshire
The Pine Hill Waldorf School, Wilton, New Hampshire
The Waldorf School of Princeton, New Jersey
The Santa Fe Waldorf School, Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Aurora Waldorf School, West Falls, New York
The Green Meadow Waldorf School – High School,
Chestnut Ridge, New York
The Hawthorne Valley School – High School, Ghent, New York
The Northern Lights Waldorf School, Wilmington, New York
The Rudolf Steiner School – High School, New York, New York
The Sunbridge College, Spring Valley, New York
The Waldorf School of Garden City – High School, New York
The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs – High School,
Saratoga Springs, New York
The Emerson Waldorf School, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
The Cincinnati Waldorf School, Ohio
The Spring Garden Waldorf School, Copley, Ohio
The Cedarwood School, Portland, Oregon
The Corvallis Waldorf School, Oregon
The Eugene Waldorf School, Oregon
The Portland Waldorf School – High School, Oregon
The Shining Star School, NE Portland, Oregon
The Swallowtail School, Hillsboro, Oregon
The Kimberton Waldorf School – High School,
Kimberton, Pennsylvania (founded 1941)
The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The Philadelphia Children’s School, Pennsylvania
The River Valley School, Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania
The Susquehanna Waldorf School, Marietta, Pennsylvania
The Meadowbrook Waldorf School, W Greenwich, Rhode Island
The Linden Corner School, Nashville, Tennessee
The Austin Waldorf School – High School, Texas
The Upper Valley Waldorf School, Quechee, Vermont
The Spring Meadow Waldorf School, Richmond, Virginia
The Bright Water School, Seattle, Washington
The Olympia Waldorf School, East Olympia, Washington
The Seattle Waldorf School, Washington
The Three Cedars School, Bellevue, Washington
The Whatcom Hills Waldorf School, Bellingham, Washington
The Washington Waldorf School, Washington DC
The Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School, Viroqua, Wisconsin
The Tamarack Community School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Three Rivers School, La Crosse, Wisconsin
The Youth Initiative High School, Viroqua, Wisconsin

The Calgary Waldorf School, Calgary, Alberta
The Sunrise Waldorf School, Duncan, British Columbia
The Kelowna Waldorf School, Kelowna, British Columbia
The Nelson Waldorf School, Nelson, British Columbia
The Vancouver Waldorf School, North Vancouver, British Columbia
The Morning Glory School, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
The Halton Waldorf School, Burlington, Ontario
The Trillium Waldorf School, Guelph, Ontario
The London Waldorf School, London, Ontario
The Alan Howard Waldorf School, Toronto, Ontario
The Toronto Waldorf School, Toronto, Ontario
L’Ecole Rudolf Steiner de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
Les Enfants de la Terre, Waterville, Quebec

For all schools affiliated with the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America, AWSNA(schools in the United States, Canada, and Mexico). See also here. For a list of Waldorf kindergartens in North America, with the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America,WECAN, see here.

For some of the 870 Waldorf schools around the world, see RSArchive e.Links.

For a complete list of Waldorf schools worldwide, see list by country here. For a complete list of Waldorf kindergartens worldwide, see here (click on “Adressen”, then select country).

For a more complete list of public Waldorf-methods charter schools in the U.S., see here.

Waldorf teacher education in North America
Antioch New England Graduate School
40 Avon Street, Keene, New Hampshire 03431, 800.531.9540,
Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Education Program
6531 North Lakewood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60626, 773.751.3026,
Bay Area Center For Waldorf Teacher Training
P.O. Box 2228, Sausalito, California 94966, 415.332.2133,
Center for Anthroposophy
P.O.Box 545, Wilton, New Hampshire 03086, 603.654.2566,
Great Lakes Teacher Training
1150 East Brady Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin , 262.524.2124,
Kula Makua Waldorf Teacher Training Program
350 Ulua Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96821, 808.259.5407,
Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto
9100 Bathurst Street #4, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L4J 8C7, 905.764.7570,
Rudolf Steiner College
9200 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Fair Oaks, California 95628, 916.961.8727,
San Francisco and Los Altos Teacher Education
San Francisco Waldorf School, 2938 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, 800.515.8203
Waldorf School of the Peninsula, 11311 Mora Drive, Los Altos, CA 94024, 650.948.8433
Sound Circle Center for Arts and Anthroposophy
9836 43rd Place NE, Seattle, Washington 98115, 206.926.9199,
Sunbridge College
285 Hungry Hollow Road, Spring Valley, New York 10977, 845.425.0055,
Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program
P.O.Box 545, Wilton, New Hampshire 03086, 603.654.2566,
Waldorf Institute of the Great Lakes
3976 South Livernois Road, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307, 248.299.2680,
- Waldorf Institute of Southern California
17100 Superior Street, Northridge, California 91325, 877.394.1444,
West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy
603 Maple Mountain Road, Duncan, British Columbia V9L 5X7, 250.701.0393,

For more, see the section on Waldorf teacher training at the site of Waldorf World.

Waldorf teacher education and adult education in Europe
- Emerson College, Sussex, England
- European Masters Programme for Steiner Waldorf Educators
- Hogeschool Helicon, Netherlands
Institut für Waldorf-Pädagogik Witten/Annen, Germany
Lehrerseminar für Waldorfpädagogik Kassel, Germany
Rudolf Steinerhögskolan, Sweden
Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik Hamburg, Germany
Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik Stuttgart, Germany
Snellman Institute, Helsinki, Finland
Waldorflehrerseminar, Kiel, Germany

Waldorf teacher education in Australia and New Zealand
Taruna College, New Zealand

Some pages on Waldorf education outside the U.S.
El Trigal, a Waldorf School in Cordoba, Argentine.
Waldorf education in Japan. An Interview with Michiko Koyasu,
Professor of Germanics at Waseda University in Tokyo.


Anthroposophy/Rudolf Steiner
What is anthroposophy?
Anthroposophy Net
News Network Anthroposophy
What is Anthroposophy? by Edward R. Smith

Rudolf Steiner
Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy
Who was Rudolf Steiner?
Biographical sketch by Alfred Heidenreich
Rudolf Steiner autobiography (on-line)
An Encounter with Rudolf Steiner by F.W. Zeylmans van Emmichoven
Rudolf Steiner Web
Defending Steiner

Rudolf Steiner Library (on-line publications)
Steinerbooks (Anthroposophic Press)
Rudolf Steiner Press
Temple Lodge Publishing
Floris Books
Rudolf Steiner Publications (in German)
Southern Cross Review

Anthroposophical Societies
General Anthroposophical Society (Goetheanum)
List of Anthroposophical Societies world wide
Anthroposophical Society in America
Anthroposophical Society in Canada
Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain
Anthroposophical Society in Australia (see also)
Anthroposophical Society of New Zealand
Anthroposophical Society in Brazil

School of Spiritual Science
School of Spiritual Science (overview)
The School of Spiritual Science (brief description)
The School of Spiritual Science by Henry Barnes

Owen Barfield (U.K.)
Sir George Trevelyan (U.K.)
Jens Bjørneboe (Norway)

Anthroposophically inspired activities

Council of Anthroposophical Organizations (U.S.)

Adult Education
Rudolf Steiner College (U.S.)
Sunbridge College (U.S.)
Emerson College (U.K.)
Rudolf Steiner Institute (U.S.)
Center for Anthroposophy (U.S.)

Anthroposophically extended medicine
Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophical Medicine (PAAM) (U.S.)
Directory of Anthroposophical health practitioners (U.S.)
Artemisia – Association for Anthroposophical Health Professionals (links only) (U.S.)
Community Supported Anthroposophical Medicine (CSAM) (U.S.)
Iscador therapy
LILIPOH – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Weleda UK
Weleda USA

Biodynamic farming and gardening
The Biodynamic Agricultural Association (U.K.)
Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (BDA) (U.S.)
Biodynamic Research Institute (Sweden)
Institute for Biodynamic Research (Germany)
Oregon Biodynamics Group (U.S.)
Pfeiffer Center (U.S.)
World of Demeter
Garuda Biodynamics (New Zealand)
The SEKEM Farm (Egypt)

Camphill special education
ECCE: European Co-operation in Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy
Camphill Association of America
Camphill Communities Ontario (Canada)
Association of Camphill Communities in Great Britain
Camphill Communities in Ireland

About eurythmy
Eurythmy frequently asked questions
Eurythmy Spring Valley (U.S.)
Austin Eurythmy Ensemble (U.S.)
Association of Eurythmists in Great Britain and Ireland
Camphill Eurythmy School (U.K.)

Waldorf education

Social realm
Rudolf Steiner Foundation (U.S.)
New Century Bank, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (U.S.)
Triodos Bank in the U.K.
Fellowship Community, Chestnut Ridge, New York (U.S.)

Movement for Religious Renewal (The Christian Community)
The Christian Community in North America
The Christian Community in Germany (in German)

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