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What is NatureTots?

NatureTots is our Parent & Child toddler class offered at Meshewa, our early childhood satellite campus, located in Indian Hill. Our NatureTots facility is nestled into acres of private woodlands, streams and meadows – all incorporated into the structure of this exceptional preschool program. NatureTots activities serve as a stepping stone to preschool and help to establish a natural curiosity and rich foundation in both academic and skill building.

NatureTots builds an appreciation of the child’s natural capacity for imagination and curiosity through a vibrant two-hour class that challenges and engages. Our trained and experienced early childhood teacher presents seasonal games, songs and storytelling along with time for free play and socialization with peers. As the children work and play with imagination-inspiring toys and tools, the adults model the “work” of the day – planting seeds, feeding the birds, raking leaves, weeding, preparing snack – as the children join in.

Our outdoor space is enhanced with play equipment constructed from natural materials, trails along the woodland border and bubbling stream, and flower gardens. The “work” of the day can include planting seeds, feeding birds, raking leaves, preparing snack and building sand castles. Storytelling and puppetry are experienced under the beautiful boughs of our Story Tree. We”ll also visit Turner Farm, the adjacent organic farm, to check in with the baby piglets, lambs and chickens.

As weather dictates and seasons change, activities move indoors to our beautiful, warm and cozy classroom spaces. During the colder months our tasks turn to bread and soup making, knitting and keeping our indoor spaces tidy and comforting. Outdoor time continues as appropriate with sled walks, snow castle building and exploring the woods in winter. As spring arrives, we share in the awakening of the natural world – preparing gardens, planting seeds and welcoming the birds, bunnies and bugs from their winter slumbers!

Adults also benefit from the program. Guided by Ms. Kyle, parents model activities and behavior, doing purposeful work such as raking, sweeping and making bread and participating in circle time. Parents also create seasonal toys and crafts and learn skills such as knitting while being nearby as the child explores new social situations, new physical challenges and finds joy from unstructured play time.

Parents will also take part in guided discussions on each session’s class book on parenting and child development. Parents are able to share the challenges and discoveries of toddlerhood in a supportive, engaged environment.

Please join this unique and growing program!

  • For more information or to schedule a class visit or tour, please contact our enrollment director, Karen Crick, at 513-541-0220 ext. 103 or via email.

Meshewa – 7550 Given Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45243

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