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Dear Parents and Friends,

The curriculum at the Cincinnati Waldorf School is unlike any other in the city. It weaves art, movement and music into daily academic studies. It engages not only the intellect, but also the heart and hands. It nurtures reverence for the wonders of nature, gratitude and respect for others and the development of self-discipline. Waldorf teachers are dedicated to inspiring students with genuine inner enthusiasm for learning – fostering academic excellence, artistic expression and critical thinking skills. At every level, Waldorf Education seeks to build community. In the classroom, it accomplishes this by replacing competition with collaboration, by setting the stage for deep and lasting relationships among students and between students and their teachers. Simply stated, the Cincinnati Waldorf School educates the whole child – enabling children to take initiative and change the world.

Tuition only covers a portion of what it costs to provide a comprehensive Waldorf education. The difference between school expenses and tuition income is approximately $500 per student each year. With its strong commitment to cultural and economic diversity, the Cincinnati Waldorf School relies heavily on the success of its annual fundraising to achieve a balanced budget each year. Through individual donations, fundraising events and foundation grants we raise 15% of our budget.

This would be impossible without the incredible Cincinnati Waldorf School community. Faculty, parents and friends come together to make amazing things happen for our school. The generous donation of time, talent and money enable us to provide a full Waldorf curriculum and remain accessible to families of many different economic circumstances. Community defines us and enables us to foster a new generation of thoughtful, socially responsible students, who will one day make our world a better place to live.

Please take a moment to reflect upon what education means to you and consider making a gift to the Cincinnati Waldorf School. Your investment in Waldorf education is a demonstration of your belief in our children and your hope for our future.


Naimah Bilal
Development Director




We invite you to join our quarterly Development Committee meetings! Please contact us if you have any questions or would like information about any of our team’s initiatives. We welcome your input and look forward to working with you.

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