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Wintergarden – December 14-15


Thursday, December 14 and Friday, December 15

Wintergarden is a festival celebrated in Waldorf Schools around the world. It is a meaningful event rich in beauty and symbolism. At a time of year when the reflective qualities of the holidays can easily be lost, this quiet festival brings a moment of peace into our lives. This spiral of evergreens takes on the symbolic form of the everlasting, the eternal, the universe and all it contains. Each child walks to the center of the spiral, lights a candle and chooses a spot along the spiral to place their light. Gradually the spiral is illuminated as each child adds a lighted candle. Together, the candles bring a glorious light to the darkest season.
Thursday, December 14th
Grades 1-4 & Alumni in the gymnasium
Grade Three – 8:30-9:15
Grade Four – 9:30-10:15
Grade one – 11:15-12:15
Grade Two – 1:30-2:30
Alumni are invited to walk the spiral on Thursday at 5:30

Friday, December 15th
Grades 5-8 in the gymnasium
Grade Five – 9:00- 9:45
Grade Seven – 10:00- 10:45
Grade Six – 11:45-12:25
Grade Eight – 2:00-2:45

Early Childhood in the Parent & Child classroom
Sweet Pea – Ms. Bari – 8:30-9:00
Woodland – Ms. Carmy – 9:10-9:40
Oak Tree – Ms. Chris – 9:50-10:20
Rose Blossom – Ms. Colleen – 10:30-11:00
Nature Tots, Nature/Forest Friends – Ms. Kyle – 11:10-12:00
Families are invited for refreshments in our Community Room beginning at 8:15 am. The event is held in our gymnasium for grades students and the Parent & Child Classroom for early childhood students. Times are approximate. Parents may stay for part or all of the festival, as they wish.We are seeking volunteers to be our Wintergarden Angels and Musicians; please let us know if you can help!Community Guidelines:
· As we strive to create a reverent atmosphere, please refrain from using flash photography or video devices. Please turn off all cell phones.
· Children & parents observing must use “golden silence” and refrain from talking during Wintergarden.
· During transitions between classes, parents are invited to sing seasonal songs as your gift to the children.Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions 513-541-0220 ext. 200