Cincinnati Waldorf School graduates are well prepared academically for other schools. Early research indicates that 88% of our graduates earn a 3.5 or better GPA on their first report card in their new schools. 50% earn a 3.9 or better GPA. CWS graduates are also very involved in their new schools. They participate in band and orchestra, sports, theater, and dance. Teachers from these other schools tell us that the students with Waldorf backgrounds are creative, motivated and interested learners.  Our graduates have attended various local high schools including

School for the Creative and Performing Arts, Seven Hills, Walnut Hills, Clark Montessori, Sycamore, Anderson, Mason, Lakota, Cincinnati Country Day, St. Xavier, and Highlands.



The Cincinnati Waldorf School encourages alumni to stay in touch with us via the school’s Alumni Facebook page or by updating contact information here.




“Students who graduate from Waldorf enter Walnut Hills High School with a strong work ethic.  They excel when tackling our rigorous curriculum.  Waldorf students are also extremely well-rounded and welcome additions to Walnut’s strong music, art and drama programs. The education provided by Waldorf creates a curious student who loves to learn.”    ~Patty Morgan, Walnut Hills High School Guidance Counselor