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Wendy Braun

Wendy Braun

High School Humanities Teacher

High School

Ms. Braun joined CWS in 2021 as a faculty member. She earned her Master's in Secondary Education from Xavier University, her MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, and a BA in Communications: Theater from Malone University. Additionally, she is an Honors Graduate of LAFSC, and is CTE/CFA Explorations certified. Her passions include her quirky loved ones, traveling around the world, books, philanthropy, and helping with her family's restaurant and bakery.

"I wanted to teach with others who truly put the heart and spirit of the child first. It is easy to say; however, it takes so much love and courage. I love CWS & CWHS because our entire community inspires me with all the heart they give to our students and each other."

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