Student fees provide the Cincinnati Waldorf School faculty the ability to plan class experiences both inside and outside the classroom based on a fixed, secure fund per student. Class trips include such field experiences as theater productions, Pentathlon, Medieval Games, Renaissance trip, canoe trip, ropes courses, climbing trip, camping, farm block experience, pumpkin patch, etc. Parents will not be asked for additional fees throughout the school year to cover class experiences, including field trips, with the exception of the Grade 8 and Grade 12 class trip.


The remaining fees necessary for the Grade 8 and 12 trips will be earned by each individual family with the hope that a family will encourage their student to earn the remaining amount via home & community service (i.e. child care services, home chores, summer work, etc.). The remaining fees necessary will be determined by the end of Grades 7 and 11.


Student Fees for 2021-2022

Kindergarten: $15
Grade One: $100
Grade Two: $150
Grade Three: $250
Grade Four: $300
Grade Five: $350
Grade Six: $400
Grade Seven: $400
Grade Eight:  $450
Grade Nine: $500
Grade Ten: $550
Grade Eleven: $600
Grade Twelve: $650