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Donate to the CWS Annual Fund to support the operational needs of today. 


Give to the High School Capital Campaign and support the growth of CWS for tomorrow. 

Contribute to the Diversity Fund and you will help ensure the future of CWS is diverse, equitable, and inclusive to all.


We rely on gifts to the Annual Fund to fulfill our mission and provide the highest quality educational experience for our students. Annual Fund gifts help the school meet day-to-day operating expenses not covered by tuition—a gap of 15% in our yearly budget. The fund pays for things like classroom materials, facility expenses, and safety supplies while also enabling CWS to attract and retain the best teachers. Our Waldorf certified teachers are dedicated to inspiring students with genuine inner enthusiasm for learning. 


Thanks to strong participation, we have secured gifts from foundations and private donors who appreciate significant community participation. When we all give, others give as well—it's that simple.


Help us reach our Annual Fund goal! 


We are committed to the conviction that diverse perspectives and voices are vital components of the Cincinnati Waldorf School community. To this end, in 2020, CWS faculty, board, and administration created a new Diversity Fund with three primary aims:

1. Increase representation of BIPOC Faculty 

2. Increase representation of BIPOC Students

3. CWS Anti Racism initiatives

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By supporting the Cincinnati Waldorf High School Capital Campaign, you have the chance to make a huge impact on the long-term future of our school.

We are encouraging all donors to consider a multi-year commitment over a period of 2-5 years. The schedule can be flexible and may allow donors to give more generously than is possible over a given year.  Thank you, again, for helping us fuel the very first Waldorf high school in the region!

Art by Waldorf Alum Bella Martin, click here