Our 8th Grade Class Has Arrived at Kroka!

We are so excited that our 8th Grade students have arrived at Kroka for their two-week trip!

Mr. Petersen said they had a very full day. Students got to do farm chores, gardening, collecting eggs, meeting the cows, chickens, and horses, prepping dinner, organizing their gear for the canoe trip later this week, and getting shown around the grounds. Composting outhouses only! They even witnessed a massive downpour this afternoon!

Farm chores first thing tomorrow morning, breakfast, and then a mini venture onto the Connecticut river to learn some paddle skills as the full group. After some hiking and rock climbing the next day, they will head out on their big excursion for 4 nights, packing up their camp and moving as they go. They'll be hauling all of their food and water with them and cooking all their meals over the fire!

We can't wait to get more updates!

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