Ananda Nash Viles

First Grade Teacher

Ananda has been a member of the CWS community for more than ten years and has had varying roles as a faculty member, community member, volunteer and parent.

She has a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education from Ohio University and is currently part of a core group of faculty members exploring Anthroposophy through our Foundation Studies Certification program.

Ananda loves spending quality time with family and friends. Restorative activities include hiking in the woods, working in the garden, swimming, gathering around a fire in ceremony, breathwork~meditation, reading and being creative in the kitchen making medicine and fresh, nourishing foods.

She attended an open house and was invited to participate in A Day in the Life of a Waldorf Student many years ago. She was warmly welcomed by Ms. Maggie Kelley and distinctly remembers feeling an angelic presence for the first time in her adult life. Overall, it was a life changing experience, something she had longed for and didn’t know existed. Exploring wet on wet water color painting, singing in circle, meeting parent volunteers, feeling the loving intentions of the teachers, noticing the details in every aspect of the space and the rhythm made her feel very much at home. This brought comfort knowing that one day, a child of her own could attend such a school. This also inspired her to apply and marked the beginning of her journey as a Kindergarten Assistant with Ms. Colleen and many masterful teachers and friends who have guided and influenced her over the last decade.