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Providing a strong rhythm to carry the children through a long joyful day.

Early Care

A seamless transition…

After lunch,  Nursery and Kindergarten children enter a peaceful and cozy After Care space, curtains are drawn and a candle is lit.  Each child is offered lavender oil spray and gentle back or head rub during this restorative rest time.  Beeswax is given to children who do not sleep as a quiet cot activity.  The candle is blown out to signify the end of rest and children begin folding blankets in preparation of indoor activities including coloring, art and indoor free play.  A cleanup song and gather song helps transition the children for circle time.  Children enjoy a group song, story, or finger play before they dress for outdoor fun.  Outside, children finish their day with digging and building in the sandbox, running and playing, climbing and rope swinging, as well as helping tend the After Care garden.  Time is given to parents to answer questions about the day.

Late Care
Continued enrichment…

Late Care begins at dismissal with a handshake greeting and free play.   Children are given the freedom to simply relax and digest their busy school day (or run off all their extra energy!) or they may choose to participate in daily enrichment.  Children work together to set the table with cloth placemats, glasses and bowls, and a healthy snack is shared after verse.  On any day of the week, you may find the children helping in the garden,  creating artwork, and needle felting.  Each day of the week provides a different special activity including arts and crafts, cooking, gym games, board games, and playing in the park.  On cool Friday evenings, children take turns choosing stories from the library, with older children on occasion reading to younger around a courtyard campfire.

Both sessions provide a strong rhythm to carry the children through a long joyful day.

LUNCH BUNCH (12:00 - 12:30 PM)

Lunch Bunch is from 12-12:30 pm – Our Early Childhood students are welcome to stay and enjoy a packed lunch with their teachers in their classrooms. Pick-up is 12:30 pm from your child’s classroom. Click here for more information and Lunch Bunch fees.

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EARLY CARE (12:30 - 3:15 PM)

Early Care is from 12:30–3:15 p.m. Preschool and Kindergarten students enrolled in the Early Care Program enjoy a candlelit quiet rest, coloring and art, indoor free play, song and story time, and outside recess. Click here for more information and Early-Care fees.

For more information please contact Libby Rupp at 
LATE CARE (3:15 - 6:00 PM)

Late Care is from 3:15–6:00 pm. Late-Care students enjoy an after-school snack, plenty of outdoor play, seasonal cooking and crafts, gym and park days, as well as stories by the Friday campfire! Click here for more information and Late-Care fees.

The Late-Care schedule is as follows:


Monday – Gym Day! We enjoy free play in the gym, creating an obstacle course and using the equipment like bouncy balls or the basketball court.


Tuesday – Make it! Craft-Day in After-Care! We offer the children a variety of ways to create a craft, from needle felting to constructing paper art.


Wednesday – Bake it! Together we create healthy snacks and tasty treats.


Thursday – Board Games!


Friday – Park ’til dark! During the warm season, we walk to the park. During the cold season we enjoy a campfire in the courtyard. Both of these activities allow the children to enjoy the outside and nature in any weather!


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