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Giving back to the community is greatly valued at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. Students are encouraged to get involved with other organizations that positively impact their neighborhoods and the world. Community Service not only helps others in the community, it also helps CWS students—both academically and emotionally—by expanding their worldview, developing empathy and leadership skills, and realizing how their actions can have an impact and create lasting change. They also return to the classroom realizing how what they’re learning applies to the real world, which reinvigorates their passion for learning.



Every 8th grade class ventures out into the wilderness for a 1-2 week trip, often including a service component. Students unplug and learn that they have the skills and maturity to thrive without modern conveniences. This crowning field trip transforms the individual student while it also deepens the class’s social community. Upon returning the class creates something to celebrate the experience. Past trips have allowed our students to explore across the country with organizations including Kroka Expeditions, Deer Hill Expeditions, and the Schooner Mary Day.


All students that enroll at the Cincinnati Waldorf High School agree to do a minimum of 25 hours per school year of community service as a part of their graduation requirement for the school. At least 20% of the hours served must involve direct human interactions, such as volunteering at lower school events, community activism, nursing home volunteering, etc. Students use this time to give back to the local community through environmental cleanup, helping neighbors with yard work, or even putting time back into their school by helping with large projects to improve the campus.

CWHS and individual students have partnered with The Little Miami Conservancy and La Soupe as well as Madisonville neighbors Plant Cincinnati, School of Rock, and Madisonville Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (MCURC).


For over a decade, the Blessing Bag Project has given items of need to people experiencing homelessness in the Cincinnati area. Created by several Waldorf families, the initiative soon developed into an annual project spearheaded by Ms. Warren's classes. The school community collects, packages, and distributes items of need such as hats, gloves, toothpaste, etc. Students enjoy putting these bags together every year spreading warmth, practical care, and love to others.


Each November, the CWS Lantern Walk Festival allows students of all ages, along with their families, to gather in song and quiet reflection for a nighttime candle-lit walk through the neighborhood. The Lantern Walk commemorates the Martinmas holiday, in honor of St. Martin, a tired but generous soldier who climbed off of his horse, tore his own cloak in two, and shared it with a cold and wet stranger shivering in the rainy night. In the spirit of Martinmas, CWS collects new or gently used winter coats, hats, mittens, and scarves for adults and children in order to donate them to someone in need. Past winter wear drives have been donated to the school’s neighbors at the Madisonville Education and Assistance Center.


Annually, in December, a group of CWS 7th and 8th grade student volunteers walk over to the MariElders Senior Center to sing and play string instruments for community members 55 years and older from the surrounding neighborhoods. The students take this musical sharing very seriously, and the audience is regularly thrilled and warmed by the students' offerings. This is a tradition that dates back to 2016.


Class representatives from grades 6, 7, and 8 make up the CWS Lower School’s Student Council each year. learn to coordinate among themselves, and with various community organizations, to plan and execute services for their own student body, the Cincinnati Waldorf School, and broader community endeavors.

CWS believes community service is important and valuable for students, families, faculty, and our local community. That’s why all CWS students start formally volunteering in 9th grade, and younger students work together as a class to engage in acts of service throughout the year.


Join the goodwill by sharing your ideas, volunteering with us, or creating new partnerships with CWS and your organization.