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Time, Talent, and Volunteering

In order for the school to be a success, it requires the support of the entire community, and at the Cincinnati Waldorf School, there is always something going on. Consider giving CWS your time and talent by reaching out here or attending an upcoming PA meeting or gathering.

Everyone has a role to play in making our school thrive! 

Parent/guardian role is

  • Commit to your child’s development (academically, emotionally, socially, etc)

  • Stay informed: read WW every Friday, connect with & support your class teacher, help rebuild your class community (group texts, host play dates and attend gatherings)

  • Help us use resources wisely, maintain the budget and reconnect our incredible community by volunteering throughout the school year. 

CWS celebrates 50 years of Waldorf Education in Cincinnati! 

50 ways each parent/guardian is needed throughout the school year
  1. Join the Spring Benefit Planning Committee

  2. Join the Spring Benefit Set Up/Clean Up Crew

  3. Read with students at Reading Groups 

  4. Join Creek Walks

  5. Attend PA (Parent Association) meetings

  6. Join Dads of Waldorf 

  7. Work a shift at a Festival or Faire

  8. Join the Development Committee 

  9. Join the Grounds Committee

  10. Volunteer to help in front office 

  11. Help organize Holiday Faire

  12. Attend Waldorf Weekends

  13. Join the Antiracism Council 

  14. Provide goodies for Faculty Appreciation Week

  15. Volunteer at Open House

  16. Provide baked goods

  17. Participate in the Annual Fund

  18. Attend the Spring Benefit 

  19. Host a Sign-Up Party

  20. Attend a Sign-Up Party 

  21. Bid in the online auction 

  22. Donate an item/service to the online auction

  23. Connect CWS with business sponsor

  24. Follow, comment & share CWS on social media

  25. Be an advocate of CWS 

  26. Bring a friend outside the CWS community to an event/gathering 

  27. Read the family handbook every year

  28. Attend Back to School Night

  29. Write a review on

  30. Turn in enrollment forms on time 

  31. Complete Ed Choice paperwork promptly 

  32. Spread positivity in our community (random acts of kindness)

  33. Host a class playdate or potluck

  34. Chaperone a school dance  

  35. Chaperone a field trip

  36. Become a school driver 

  37. Help with class plays (costumes/set/etc)

  38. Attend State of the School 

  39. Sign your Grandfriends up for the Grandfriends Newsletter

  40. Sign your Alum students up for the Alum Newsletter

  41. Start a CWS approved after school club 

  42. Become a mentor in the family ambassador program

  43. Help video/record concerts/recitals/plays/etc. for your class.

  44. Wear CWS Spirit Wear when you’re going out and about 

  45. Sport a CWS magnet on your car - available free in the office! 

  46. Tour the High School

  47. Help create Alum care packages 

  48. Coach a CWS sports team

  49. Link your Amazon Smile and Kroger Card to CWS 

  50. Stay connected with other CWS families outside school hours

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