Team Putting Fists Together In Huddle


Time, Talent, and Committee Volunteering

In order for the school to be a success, it requires the support of the entire community, and at the Cincinnati Waldorf School, there is always something going on. Consider giving CWS your time and talent by reaching out here or attending an upcoming PA meeting or gathering.


Please join us on campus for festivals, fairs, concerts, and events throughout the year! Our annual CWS Grandfriends Day is a special day for you to experience what school is like alongside your grandchild(ren).  


The love and wisdom you bring to the young people in your life are respected and needed. The Cincinnati Waldorf School believes that it takes the entire family and the entire community to raise the next generation. We need and want you to be part of the Waldorf community, bringing your support to the lives of many.

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