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Enrolling your child in a Waldorf school can lead to a world of discovery for you as well! Parents often have many questions about how they can better support their children and help them receive the most from their Waldorf education. Unlike some other schools, Waldorf boasts a thriving community that enriches, educates, and supports the whole family. CWS frequently brings in guest speakers on topics of interest to the entire community. By doing so, we connect our parents to the Waldorf curriculum and create a strong support system for the children. Waldorf schools also provide a thriving festival and community life in which families are warmly brought together and lifelong friendships are formed.

Please check the school calendar for any upcoming parent education evenings! Click here.

Media Mindfulness

TECHNOLOGY IN GOOD TIME Waldorf teachers believe that technology has a time and place, but young children should learn from human beings and real experiences. Writing out a lesson with one’s hand gives children spatial awareness and improves fine motor skills. Waldorf students develop important capacities of imagination, creativity, flexibility of thought and critical thinking skills by not depending upon computers to do their work at this age. Computers are introduced in the eighth grade when students begin learning how to use computers as a tool. They learn the beginning stages of binary coding and how to use it to create images. Articles of Interest: Going Screen-Free at Home: It’s Not as Hard as You Think The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Mind over Machinery A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute