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The Waldorf Grade School offers a classical education for children in grades one through eight that is greatly enriched with the arts. Waldorf education is a carefully structured system, nurturing creativity within the context of intellectual competence and disciplined exploration. Waldorf teachers craft their lessons to work with every learning style, thus enabling every student to shine. Our flexible program meets the needs of individual students as they meld into cooperative class groups, advancing together through expanding realms of information and accomplishment.

  • What are your COVID-19 precautions?
    CWS currently follows guidelines approved by the CDC and the Hamilton County Health Department. Our school re-opening plan was submitted to and approved by the Health Department in July of 2020. Our students and faculty wear masks at all times, unless outside more than 6 feet away from others, our indoor desks are distanced, our rooms are well-ventilated, and most eating takes place outdoors. During temperate months of the year, a large portion of our classroom time is outside. Our class "pods" remain separate from each other, ensuring that there is no potential virus spread among different classes.
  • Are you an accredited school?
    Yes! The Cincinnati Waldorf School is a full member school of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). We are also accredited through the state of Ohio.
  • How diverse is your school?
    CWS is a diverse community. Our student body includes children of many different religious and socio-economic backgrounds with 25% minority enrollment. Diversity is valued here.
  • What are the qualifications of your faculty?
    All of our lead teachers have at least a Bachelor’s Degree and additional Waldorf teacher training. The majority of our teachers hold post-graduate degrees and all are licensed teachers in the state of Ohio.
  • When did CWS open and how many students are enrolled?
    The Cincinnati Waldorf School was founded in 1973. It began as an early childhood program and grew gradually to a full grade school (preschool-8) by 2006. Our high school opened in 2018. We currently have over 250 students enrolled in CWS from preschool through 12th grade!
  • Where do students go when they graduate from CWS?
    The short answer is everywhere! Our students currently go on to many public, private, and parochial high schools including: Cincinnati Waldorf High School, School for the Creative and Performing Arts, Walnut Hills, Clark Montessori, Sycamore, Anderson, Mason, St. Xavier, Highlands, and many others. Soon we'll be able to answer questions about where our Cincinnati Waldorf High School students go for college! Check out the AWSNA Waldorf Alumni Survey.


In 6th through 8th grades, two students from each class are elected by their peers to serve on Student Council. At their weekly meetings Student Council representatives cultivate an attitude of service within the student body while learning to coordinate effectively amongst themselves, working with the faculty of our school, and supporting various charitable organizations. To stay connected to the current needs of the student body, they host monthly town hall style meetings to gain input from their classmates. 



There are many opportunities for CWS students to explore a variety of interests during after-school hours. As different programming is offered each year, the students may elect to expand upon their physical, emotional, and or mental faculties beyond what they already receive in the classroom. Club options have included chess, knitting, Spanish, Girls on the Run, and folk dancing. 

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