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Student Writing


In High School, our main lesson blocks are the heart of the curriculum, where one main subject is focused on for three to four weeks at a time for two hours daily. The rest of the day is filled with specialty subjects where students are immersed in courses such as math, music, language, chorus, movement, and art.  

Sciences are primarily taught in the laboratory and in the field, where observation and experimentation with the phenomena are the basis for the development of the laws and theories that modern scientists use to make sense of their observations.

In the humanities and social sciences, students are taught using primary source materials: the original versions of the great works of literature, and original historical documents.

Writing is an important part of the curriculum in all subject areas as students keep notes, laboratory records, and journals of their observations and use them to write reports, essays, and poetry.

Work in the arts supports the academic curriculum by developing the capacity to solve problems creatively.

Through the creative arts, we aim to help students cultivate imaginative thinking, perseverance, and attention to detail. Practicing the performing arts develops self-discipline, focus, and the ability to work effectively in a group. 


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