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Providing a strong rhythm to carry the children through a joyful day.

The CWS After Care program is designed to support parents and children by providing flexible and nurturing after school options for children of all ages. After Care provides an essential care option for working parents; it also offers after school fun, enrichment, and support for families looking for an engaging and screen-free way for their child to spend free time after school hours.

For information about enrolling your child in After Care, please contact our Business Manager, Libby Rupp, at Contracted after care is provided at a discounted rate and guarantees that your child's space will be held. To book single day drop-in After Care sessions as space allows, please see the schedule information below!

Lunch Bunch


Lunch Bunch is a special experience for children who cherish the opportunity to eat lunch with their teachers and friends. Preschool and Kindergarten students enjoy a packed lunch with their teachers in their classrooms. It is also a great way to help children develop mealtime skills. Children begin mealtime with a blessing and are expected to sit, encouraged to try all the foods in their lunch, and learn to participate in quiet mealtime conversation with their teacher and peers. Pick-up is 12:30pm from your child’s classroom.

  • Lunch Bunch

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    8 US dollars

Early Care


Early Care holds Preschool and Kindergarten children for the entire afternoon, from lunch and rest time through indoor free play, song and story time, and outside recess.

12-12:30 Lunch. Early Care includes Lunch Bunch where students enjoy a packed lunch with their classroom teacher and classmates.


12:30 After lunch, Preschool and Kindergarten children transition to rest time, entering our peaceful, cozy After Care space where they are offered lavender oil spray and a gentle back or head rub. Kindergarten children who do not sleep are offered beeswax to mold as a quiet cot activity. 


1:30 At the end of rest, Kindergarten children begin folding blankets in preparation for indoor activities including coloring, art, and indoor free play. A clean-up and gathering song helps transition the children for circle time. During circle time, children enjoy a group song, story, or finger play before they dress for outdoor fun. 


2:15-3:15 Outside, Kindergarten children finish their day with digging and building in the sandbox, running and playing, climbing and rope swinging, as well as helping tend the After Care garden. The After Care Team is available to answer any questions parents have about their child’s day.


The cost for Early Care by the day is $28 and we currently only accept drop-ins for kindergarten students.

Late Care


Late Care begins a period of After School enrichment featuring free play, a healthy snack, and a daily activity. 

3:15 Late Care students transition from lower school dismissal with a handshake greeting and free play. Children are given the opportunity to simply relax and digest their busy school day (or run off all their extra energy!), or they may choose to participate in daily enrichment. On any day of the week, you may find the children helping in the garden, creating artwork, or needle felting. 

4:00 Children work together to set the table and then share a healthy snack. 

4:45-5:30 Each day of the week features a different special activity. 

  •  Monday – Gym Day! Your child will have fun playing soccer with Mr. Doug, doing gymnastics on the mats, playing basketball, riding scooters, or enjoying hula hoops and jump ropes in the CWS Gym.

  • Tuesday – Cooking Day! Your child will cook a yummy treat with Ms. Barbara, tasting each ingredient along the way. From local paw paw muffins to homemade pizzas using ingredients from our very own garden, your child will have fun baking it!


  • Wednesday — Make and take it! Arts and Crafts Day in After Care! Your child will work with wool, wood, paper and more to create old fashioned toys and projects that they will love and bring home.   


  • Thursday — Board Games! Your child can choose from over 50 fun and challenging board games to play with friends. 


  • Friday – Play in the Park/Campfire Day! During the warm season, your child will walk with the After Care Team to the local park to play. During the cold season, they’ll enjoy a campfire in the CWS courtyard while sipping cider or hot cocoa. 


The cost for Late Care by the day is $28.

4:00pm Pick-up

Do you need a little extra time at the end of each school day to run errands or finish up work? 4pm Pick-up is the solution! Children engage in outdoor play or quiet conversation with friends of all ages at the end of a busy school day, supervised by our After Care teachers. The cost is $10 per day and pick-up is at 4pm sharp on the playground.

  • 4pm Pickup

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    10 US dollars

Homework Help


Students in Grades 4-10 are invited to join Mr. Doug and a small group of friends in a quiet space to complete their homework. Homework Help is offered Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday throughout the school year. A healthy snack is provided and pick-up is at 4:30 in front of the school. Please note: This program's fee in place of, not in addition to, 4pm pick-up.

For information about contracted Homework Help, please contact our Business Manager, Libby Rupp, at Contracted homework help is provided at a discounted rate and guarantees that your child's space will be held. To book homework help by the day, click the link below!

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    18 US dollars
Homework Help
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