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Erin Spinney

Erin Spinney

Grade School Lead Teacher

Grade School

Erin found the Cincinnati Waldorf School while pursuing her Master’s Degree in Middle Grades Education from Northern Kentucky University. As a former naturalist and environmental educator, she was intrigued by the Waldorf pedagogy and the integrative and holistic approach that honors the students as unique and creative individuals. After her experience with mainstream schools, Erin began to research more about Waldorf education. When she realized that the main principles of her own career and educational journey - human relationships, social change through education, collaboration, access and diversity in the community, and honoring the holistic needs of one’s being - also were strong focuses in the Waldorf community, she believed teaching at the Cincinnati Waldorf school was her calling and joined the faculty in 2022.

Erin enjoys hiking with her family, exploring new places, dancing (at the gym and in the rain), perusing bookstores, sipping coffee on her back deck, eating blueberries off the bush, and all the little things life has to offer.

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