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Luke Schelly

Luke Schelly

High School and Grade School Practical Arts Teacher, High School Math Support and Art

High School, Grade School

Mr. Schelly joined the CWS community in 1991 as a parent and as a faculty member in 2010. He enjoys sand volleyball, travel, and architecture/design. He earned a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Cincinnati in 1988, and in addition to being LEED certified in 2004 at the US Green Building Council, Mr. Schelly has the following education:

Anthroposophy summer session -1992 - Rudolf Steiner Institute
Foundation Studies Certificate - 2010-12 - Center for Anthroposophy
Science/Math for grades 6-8 summer 2012 - Center for Anthroposophy
Physics and geometry grades 6-8 summer 2012 - Bay Area Teacher Training

"I find the interest in the whole person fascinating and important. Waldorf may seem like a throwback to a previous time with its broad spectrum of classes and subjects, but it does so because people (students) are unique and develop at their own pace with their own strengths and challenges. This education offers something for many kinds of individuals and imagining students as grown adults with broad skills and talents and taking an interest in the world is exceedingly gratifying."

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