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Sarah Kimball

Sarah Kimball

Eurythmy Teacher

Grade School, High School

A Waldorf Alum herself, Ms. Kimball has been involved in the Waldorf community her entire life as a City of Lakes Waldorf School graduate in Minneapolis. She joined the CWS faculty in 2018, and she began Eurythmy training at Eurythmy Spring Valley where she received an Artistic and Pedagogical diploma in 2010. The following year she earned BA in Eurythmy from the University Collage of Eurythmy in Norway, and she completed Early Childhood teacher training at Waldorf Teacher Education Eugene. Sarah enjoys writing, seeing plays and movies, as well as knitting.

"CWS has always felt like home to me from the first time that I visited the school. I love being in a community that values the traditions of the past and looks with joy to the future."

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