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CWS Names Paula Gerhardt Rising 5th Grade Class Teacher

The Cincinnati Waldorf School is excited to announce that the College of Teachers has chosen Paula Gerhardt to lead our rising 5th grade class!

Ms. Gerhardt is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University. She began her teaching career in 2016 at OnStage Playhouse in Monroe, Georgia, where she taught vocal and dance workshops to children ages 5-14. Then, in 2019 Ms. Gerhardt was offered the opportunity to serve as Head of the Theatrical Arts Department at George Walton Academy (GWA). During her three years at GWA, she built a new curriculum for the department, developed her classroom management skills, and focused on enriching the artistic lives of students.

In 2022 Ms. Gerhardt and her husband, KJ, decided to move to Cincinnati to be closer to her parents. As she applied for jobs, Ms. Gerhardt was actively seeking a loving, accepting, and compassionate school with a commitment to DEIJ work. That led her to apply for a position at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. The CWS Hiring Committee knew then that as an experienced teacher with a great enthusiasm for Waldorf education, Ms. Gerhardt would be a great asset to our students, and our school!

Ms. Gerhardt began her work at CWS in the 2nd grade classroom, where she helped students prepare the Michaelmas play. She provided the same support for the 4th grade play this past fall. She is currently apprenticing as Ms. Harwood’s 5th grade main lesson teacher while Ms. Harwood teaches science lessons to fill in at our high school.

Ms. Gerhardt's passion is for middle school students, and her ability to engage and connect with students is evident to all who’ve witnessed her teaching. A number of CWS College members have observed and mentored Ms. Gerhardt, and all can attest to her natural grasp of the curriculum and excellent classroom management skills. Her presentation of main lesson content is engaging and keeps the students focused and willing to work.

Ms. Gerhardt has begun Foundation Studies, participates actively in our CWS Biography Workshops, and will begin Waldorf teacher training this summer. She is excited to grow, professionally and personally, with the Cincinnati Waldorf School.

Some fun facts about Ms. Gerhardt: She is heavily involved in community theater, both on and off the stage. She recently played Miss Honey in Matilda the Musical and Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical. Ms. Gerhardt also loves spending time at home with her husband, KJ, and their 80 pound lap dog, Walt.

The CWS College of Teachers is confident that Ms. Gerhardt will be a wonderful teacher for the Class of 2031. Congratulations!

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