Heidi Densmore

High School & Lower School Humanities Teacher

Heidi has been a parent at CWS for the last 6 years and currently has 4 children enrolled in the school. She was newly hired this year and has begun her training this last summer.

Heidi graduated from Clay Center Community High School in Kansas where she grew up on a farm. She received her BA from North Park University in Chicago in 2001, her MA in Anthropology from the University of Cincinnati in 2005, her Association Montessori Internationale adolescent teaching certification in 2009, and she is currently in a 3-year training program at the Center for Anthroposophy. In addition, Heidi also received teacher training from the Daughters of Mary from 2004-2006 and studied at the Copenhagen Intensive Language School from 2001-2002.

Heidi’s main hobby is reading (especially history books), and she also loves hiking with her husband and 6 kids and doing hand embroidery.

While doing research for a committee she was part of at another school, she learned about Waldorf education and was immediately drawn to this type of education. As her own family was growing, she began doing further research on best practices in education and found that the Waldorf schools were following those practices. When the time came to choose a school for her own children, she believed the holistic approach of Waldorf education, the outdoor education component, and the philosophies and rhythms at the school would suit her family better than any other school, so it was her first choice for education for her children. Since she is so drawn to this type of education, when she was ready to return to teaching, this is where she wanted to be.