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CWHS Awards Three Scholarships to Deserving 8th Graders

Khendal Love, Bella Stone, and Ty Lyons, recipients of the first

annual CWHS high school scholarships.

For many students in Cincinnati, choosing which high school they’ll attend is a big decision. But, for three deserving students at CWS, that decision just got a whole lot easier.

Ahead of its 6th academic year in operation, the Cincinnati Waldorf High School has offered three scholarships to CWS middle school students, enticing them away from other top area schools including Walnut Hills, Clark Montessori, and SCPA.

The three scholarships were awarded to students who demonstrate Outstanding Citizenship, Outstanding Performance in Academic Studies, and Outstanding Performance in the Arts.

Students were nominated by CWS Lower School Faculty, and the award committee selected one winner and one alternate in each category. Each scholarship award is $5,000 per year for a total award of $20,000 over four years.

Bella Stone, recipient of the scholarship for Academic Performance, emphasized that the scholarship was key to making her decision about high school: “The scholarship put the Cincinnati Waldorf High School back in my top three.”

The faculty who nominated Bella noted that she embraces challenges, collaborative problem-solving, and demonstrates a superior level of intellectual curiosity and engagement.

“It’s a small school,” notes Bella, “but the curriculum is really exciting. There are special classes like History through Drama and History through Music, and I don’t think I’d get to take those kinds of classes at a lot of other high schools.”

The Cincinnati Waldorf High School offers students an innovative and rigorous academic curriculum, which emphasizes experiential, hands-on learning, community service, and the arts. Small class sizes allow master teachers to be up close to the growth and development of each student's learning.

The high school is offering these scholarships to incentivize CWS middle school students to put forth their best effort and to make CWHS more accessible for those “best effort” students.

Khendal Love, who just started at CWS last year says she was definitely surprised and proud to receive the scholarship: “I was very surprised, and I felt good about myself and about being here. It gave me a sense that I’m doing well.”

Khendal added, “Before I got this scholarship, I was considering Walnut, Clark, and maybe Princeton.”

Khendal received the Outstanding Performance in the Arts award and especially enjoys handwork. In fact, she’s making and selling bracelets in her spare time and hopes to start her own business someday.

The faculty who nominated Khendal noted that, even in her short time at CWS, Khendal has demonstrated both effort and achievement in handwork. They stressed that Khendal is an asset to her class and raises the bar for other students.

Janelle Johnson, CWHS Director, says that she’s happy to put a CWHS experience within reach for those CWS students who are putting in the effort and have a deep desire to attend the high school. “We are thrilled to welcome our scholarship award recipients to the high school next year,” says Johnson. “We are confident that they will contribute to the inclusive, positive school culture we’ve worked so hard to build.”

Ty Lyons, who received the Outstanding Citizenship scholarship, says that his experience at Waldorf “doesn’t compare” to other schools he has attended. “It’s way better,” says Lyons, who loves the flow of the school’s unique curriculum and schedule and is especially passionate about strings and eager to continue studying music at CWHS.

The faculty who nominated Ty all stressed his kindness, helpfulness, and superior work ethic.

Sarah Lyons, Ty’s mom, says that the scholarship means a great deal for her family financially and means more opportunities for Ty. Still, it’s bittersweet to see her son growing up: “I can’t believe my baby is going to high school. However, we are so excited for him to start this journey in his life. I know CWHS will take great care of him. It is an incredibly nurturing environment.”

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