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CWS Faculty In Service

What happens when school is out for students? Time for faculty to hit the classroom!

During five days of inservice, CWS faculty did speech work, practiced eurythmy, and engaged in learning about finding balance and supporting executive functioning. They also explored puppetry, phenomenological science, form drawing, wet water color painting, and worked on cleaning and prepping their rooms for next year! (And the faculty kiddos had fun, too!)

This year's inservice was also a time to celebrate the retirement of two CWS legends - Jodi Harris and Connie Michael. Both will be deeply missed as they embark on new journeys in life.

Over the summer, many of our faculty will be participating in trainings, and all will be percolating ideas for next year! Here's to a restorative and fruitful summer. Stay tuned to see what CWS faculty are up to!

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