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Meet Ms. Manship, CWS High School Art & History Teacher

  1. What is your current role? High school World History and Fine Arts teacher! I also run an after-school Anime Club for interested students.

  2. How long have you been at CWS? Over 6 years.

  3. What brought you to CWS? I was drawn to this style of education and the community!

  4. How do you explain Waldorf to others? An alternative education similar to Montessori, but more focused on learning everything through an artistic lens.

  5. How is your teaching/work different here than it might be elsewhere? Here I am given the freedom to teach more creatively and to update my curriculum regularly to reflect the changing world around us and to best meet the needs of each class.

  6. Do you have any favorite stories or anecdotes to share? (Favorite memories, recent stories) I love how fondly many of the students remember their experience in my art history classes and coffee house day in History of World Revolutions! Also, during distance learning, I once had to teach a student zooming in from his grandmother's in Germany. We were in the class Black and White Drawing, and he created an entire piece of art with just mascara and the bottom of a plastic lighter. These were items that he borrowed from his grandmother because he had no other materials with him, and it came out great!

  7. What do you love most about Waldorf education/CWS? I love the emphasis on creativity and the arts, hands-on science classes, and meaningful math. I love the students I get to teach, the people I work with and how we all collaborate to make our school an amazing place to learn and work.

  8. What impact has Waldorf/CWS had on your own life or the life of your children/family? Working at CWHS gives me an incredible sense of purpose everyday. One of the privileges of being a teacher is the pleasure of being a student for life; I'm always learning and appreciating new things from my colleagues and my students!

  9. Why are you so passionate/committed to Waldorf education? Working at CWHS is my dream job! I love telling people that I'm a high school teacher that gets to teach history and art! It's the best of both worlds. I think the work I'm doing shows students that it's ok to be uniquely yourself and to be passionate about learning and education.

10. What do you enjoy doing outside of school? I love to travel, visit art museums, read, cook and try new foods!

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