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September at the High School and Beyond

Our High School students are about to have an exciting month!

Each Grade will be going on an enriching and educational trip, check it out!

9th and 10th Grade Farm Trip

The 9th and 10th graders will take a week-long deep dive into the story of food while spending each night camping with a view of the beautiful Little Miami River. They will explore local food culture through service learning by volunteering on various types of farms ranging from family farms to urban community gardens to farmers' markets. They'll cook meals using local ingredients. They'll explore how food travels from the farm to the table and they'll also discover organizations that help local food make its way to underprivileged people.

11th Grade Washington, DC Trip

The 11th grade will be traveling to Washington, DC for their week-long class trip. While there, the students will learn about the history of our nation and government through exploration of museums, monuments and memorials. This interdisciplinary trip will not only prepare the 11th graders for their upcoming Civics I class in the spring, but through the exploration of art, architecture, and history, it will also help them discover American connections to Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance in some surprising places!

12th Grade Hermit Island, Maine Trip

Since 1996, Waldorf high school senior students and their teachers have come to Hermit Island, Maine, to camp and work together in a beautiful environment surrounded by the ocean. In September, our own eight CWS seniors will join more than 100 other Waldorf students from across the country for a remarkable week-long immersion into coastal ecology and marine biology. Hermit Island in Phippsburg, ME provides the backdrop for (very) early morning field investigations of tide pools, followed by main lessons on marine invertebrates. Their afternoon workshops will include microscope work, beach ecology, watercolor painting, and writing poetry by the sea. There will be musical campfire sharings and readings from local Maine writers. The trip is a rich, hands-on experience of living and learning outdoors, making new friends, deepening class relationships, and reflecting on the future while surrounded by the rugged beauty and vitality of the Maine coast.

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