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Support CWS, and Receive a Credit of Up to $1,500 on Your Ohio Taxes!

Tax time is upon us! But before you pay your bill, consider whether you could give those dollars to the Cincinnati Waldorf School instead.

CWS is partnering with EveryChildEveryFamily so that you can designate your Ohio tax dollars to support scholarships for CWS students and families.

Donations up to $750 (individual) or $1,500 (married filing jointly) may qualify for a TAX CREDIT on your Ohio tax return — and gifts made until April 15, 2024 are eligible!

This allows you to make a gift of up to $1,500 to CWS essentially for free. FREE!

Need to hear it from the experts? Here’s a helpful article from Barnes-Dennig tax advisors.

All gifts made through EveryChildEveryFamily will be applied to the CWS Scholarship Fund and will be used to help low income families in need of tuition assistance — and giving is easy!

  1. Go to, and click “Contribute Today”

  2. Select Cincinnati Waldorf School from the drop-down menu

  3. Fill out contribution form and submit

  4. Your gift qualifies you to receive a TAX CREDIT in that amount 

(Check out these FAQs for details.)

  1. Please note that if you’d like to be eligible for the full $1,500 tax credit for your household, you need to make two individual contributions of $750.

Don’t owe anything this year? Talk to your Tax Advisor about how you could qualify for this program in a future year.

Please consult your tax advisor to determine how donations impact your specific tax situation. For general questions about this program, you can also contact Beth Norton, Finance Director, at

Thank you for considering a gift that benefits families in need at potentially no cost to you!

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