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The 4th Grade Visits Serpent Mound & Viking Long Hall

Ms. Schewe's class had a magical time recently as the year's lessons came to life.

After studying Ohio geography and history as well as Norse mythology, Ms. Schewe took her students to Serpent Mound and the Viking Longhall to have a living experience of their lessons.

Prior to walking around Serpent Mound, Ms. Schewe spoke with her students about the magnitude of this structure and what it took to build it. The students walked around the mound in reverence and awe — and even saw a snake at the top of the giant serpent!

Then they visited an amazing rock shop where the students learned about the five mile crater they were standing in.

Finally, the class arrived at the Viking Longhall where they spent a magical night playing drums, singing, exploring the creek, playing games, laughing and telling stories.

What an amazing opportunity for these students to let all that they've learned this year settle into the very core of their beings.

Thank you to Ms. Schewe and all our parent volunteers for facilitating this incredible experience for our fourth graders!

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